Thursday, 11 October 2018

innovative food and drink service developments in Ayrshire bring rewards

 Autumn  is   normally  the time  of year  of award nominations & announcements..

this season  has seen  a spate  of  activity with AFN members

The #Scottish  Land and Estates  and #Sepa awards    have seen #Mossgeil  and #Craufurdland    recognised   in the    finals

The Regional  finals  of the Thistle  awards  have   seen  Discover  Ayrshire  (#Glenapp   Castle );  #Trump Turnberry , #The  Whisky   Experience   and others ) recognised  .... good  luck

The  ACCI    business   awards  dinner   event   on friday  12th  October sees #Bhaile craft  bakery ; # Home Cook  School ; and #The Cooshed   competing  with others  for the Food and drink award .... tough competition indeed .... you are all winners!!!

 #Bhaile  has  already  picked  up  a   Scotland  wide    business   start up award  this  month -- warmest  congratulations

  the   innovative #Ayrshire Fresh Market Place  service  is   building   serious   momentum  with   their online sales, secure payment and home  delivery service    involving   a  collaboration among  10  local   producers .....great stuff
check it out at  and try it for yourselves

............ good luck  to all who will be  trading  " outside "  this weekend   including   the #Scottish   boat  show at Inverkip   hopefully  you will  find  ways  to  overcome the  weather .


Friday, 14 September 2018

food festivals , farmers' market and foodmarket this weekend 15-16thseptember

This   is the big weekend  with  #Newmilns  food and drink  festival ;#Stranraer Oyster festival ;#Kilmarnock  farmers' market and #Dumfries  House  Food Maket  all  on.

we are spoilt for choice  with   100+  Scottish   producers  and stallholders  in action  with several  multi tasking   location  & venue wise...

Add  to that the street food ,cookery  & drink  demonstrations   and  tasting  opportunities    and the scene is set  for  a great  weekend   of authentic  food  experiences  here in South west Scotland

 have  a great time and support  Scottish Food  Tourism   and the  broader  local food and drink economy   

Saturday, 25 August 2018

busy weekend for AFN members

There is much going on this weekend  with the food and drink festival at # NTS  Burns   Alloway on  Saturday   and Sunday   25TH  26TH  with  at  least  8 members  present including @everythingchilli , and  cookery demonstrations  organised    by  the #homecookschool with  the#whiskyexperience   and #littleturnberry

 the special  artisan  food fair  at Largs   on saturday ; and # Fencebay  farmers   market on Sunday

#Bhaile   artisan bakery    are     continuing their" soft launch "  at their   new premises  in  Troon

and #Little  Turnberry   continue   to delight  their visitors with    amazing    hand made cakes   and local produce   with  beautiful  eggs  available 24/7!

is fully up and running for local food deliveries  each thursday ... currently working with  5 members ....give  it  a try. Congratulations to #RhoneCottage  for getting this exciting   venture  up and running

 congratulations  to  #the Cooshed  and  #Bhaile for being shortlisted   for the Ayshire Chamber of Commerce  Food and  drink business awards

hopefully  the   bank holiday weekend   will bring   many more visitors  to  the new ,very successful  #Woodies ice cream   parlour   in Mauchline  and  the very special  #theLairds Table  in Fenwick

good luck  to #Mossgeil  in the final planning   /delivery  stages of introducing   glass   bottles    and  reusable    containers   for their   amazing   non homogenised  milk

 best wishes  to  all our other  busy producers  and  hospitality providers who together   create  such    an authentic food tourism experience  here in Ayrshire

use #The List  Ayrshire  larder  food map   to find many of them.....enjoy a picnic   whilst we still can ,weather wise .

regards   Howard

Monday, 12 February 2018

early spring update and good wishes to AFN members and customers

Whilst  there  may still  be  snow   on the ground  with  Snow  drops   blooming ,    AFN  members  are  working hard   to build  new   links , introduce  innovations and  create  good customer   experiences

 Firstly , a very warm welcome to both  the  Home  Cook School  and  The CooShed  at South  Corton farm  as our newest  members..

(see the  Members  &  Gallery  pages   for details  , images  and links..)

Mossgeil continues   to build   their  excellent  non homogenised   milk supply   arrangements and   Networks..

West  Coast   Foods   have introduced   some  very smart  display   technology  in their  premises .

 Grants  of Prestwick  are  mindful of  the  current  date  and  Valentine's  themes  in their retail  areas.. with  a great display 

 Auchengree   have  their first steak  night  of the year  this  week...  do get across to  enjoy the  experience

 Bhaile   artisan   bakery    continue to innovate  with    bakery master   classes  and  pop up art shows

 The Ayrshire  farmers'   market  cooperative  are fully back  into the swing  of their  regular farmers markets, working round the weather!

 The   dates  of the excellent  Ballantrae  Food festival have been   confirmed   as the  9th  /10th of June

 The full  2018 schedule   of the   Dumfries  House   Food    Fairs  has just been confirmed by Rhone  Cottage..

Corrie   Mains   have  been recognised   for their  long   standing   &  ongoing  work  supplying   their  award  winning   free range  eggs to the  educational  /schools sector

 For  all those of our members /associates   building    business  opportunities and  memorable  customer  experiences  around  February    14th   thanks ...Enjoy   and good luck!

Ayrshire  Hampers   and  others  are at the Ayrshire  Food and  Craft event   on the 25th Feb in Fenwick

 NB To  confirm  also  we are now  " amplifying "  Facebook events   of   members   , so please notify us ..

 Also   to   advise   everyone  the Ayrshire  Food Network  will be  present  at  the Scotland   Food  and Drink  regional food group event    next week ...Open feedback  will be provided .

  wishing  everyone   successful    early   Spring  trading

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Kitchen Cafe

Image from

Listen Now

This      recording   took   place  near  Largs    and was published    last thursday  20th   and repeated   sunday   24th  july .

it gave  us  a  good opportunity to  to explain the back ground ,linkages ,  and current activity  of the  Ayrshire Food Network ....  produce   from 8 producers/providers  was featured   cooked   and used on the show  ... it really was  Ayrshire on  a plate

thanks  everyone for their   support


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The stage is set for the 3rd Ballantrae Food Festival sunday11th june .. come on down

 After   12 months of planning . we are almost there..

60  " tables "of  excellent  regional  Food  and  Drink, plus  acknowledged chefs,   home cooking experts,   knowledgeable  local school  children, and  foraging experts come together  in  a unique blend  of  Event  Scotland  related  History  and Culinary Heritage, authentic local food provision  and culinary tourism. within the natural setting   of the UNESCO designated  Biosphere  and against  the  background of Slow Food  .. not to be missed!

Set in 3 marquees on the foreshore by  Ballantrae harbour   it is  a distinct  and authentic  event    made  more  enjoyable by the  provision of  exciting street food & drink, and  live   music.

the main  marquees are fully  floored  and  hence  provide ease of access and  mobility

see  for  the  very latest news  and social  media   information, including  details of  free bus services,.. the entry cost  has been set at £2  to  ensure  the  broadest inclusivity ...(accompanied  children under  16  are  free - there is dedicated   entertainment  for them also )

we  thank all the Sponsors ,supporters  and community volunteers   plus  the  exciting array of producers   and standholders who   together  have made this year' event possible.

Timing from 11.00-17.00

see you  there hopefully ..

 please advise all friends ,colleagues, customers and clients  that this wonderful event  is about to take place

thanks  everyone   for their  collaborative efforts

Sunday, 19 February 2017

February brings an ongoing feast of opportunities for Ayrshire Food and drink producers

We are well into  2017  and  innovative  collaborations   continue to happen

 January  22-24th  saw  our two newest  members  Bhaile  Craft  bakery,  and    All  that's Delicious  at the  #Speciality    Food  Show ..In addition to winning  category awards , there  was  very significant    commercial   interest  in their  excellent product ranges .

Feb 8th  provided  the  unique  opportunity    for Ayrshire   & Arran  producers to take their produce  to an Ayrshire Larder  event   at the  Palace  of Westminster in  London.. as part of a #Loveayrshire  joint  event .. the setting  was    historic  and the  reception given to the produce   was   most encouraging ..We thank  our local MPs  for sponsoring the event  . and the 3 councils  for making it possible .

Particular thanks  goes to  Neil McAleese for organising  and    mastering the   formidable  logistical  challenge, and to the 3   ambassadors from @Ayrshirecollege who transformed  excellent  ingredients  into  exciting  canapes.  10  AFN  members  were present  or were  represented

@Slowfooduk   was  there   plus #TheCooksCompanyofLondon  .. a City of London livery company  which  has  been established  for   600  years plus ... between them they know a lot about food and drink , and recognise  quality when they experience it ... they  really enjoyed  meeting  the personalities   behind the produce !!

 Planning  is now going ahead    for     the  new monthly    street   market  in Troon  launching   in March ,  and a reorganised  monthly   Saturday  farmers market  at  Burns   Birthplace museum at Alloway starting in  April  In addition  there will   be a new weekly   food and craft market in Girvan launching on Good  Friday

These  will compliment  the  monthly  AFM   Sunday market at  Ayr Central   and the long  established  monthly    markets in  Ayr  high street  and Kilmarnock

Full details  and links can be found  in the Ayrshire Larder   Food and drinks event calender  embedded  in the members section of the Ayrshire Food Network web site

 Further  along the horizon   the Dumfries  House Food fair  will restart in April    along with the NTS Culzean  market  Activities

For  many  their sights  are already  set on the 3rd  Ballantrae   food and drink festival  scheduled for Sunday  11th June .. .. As last  year  ,  it is anticipated   that  more than 20  members will be involved

As  for the   two  major   international   Golf events  being held  at Dundonald   Links  in July  the   hospitality   opportunities are   perhaps  boundless

Meanwhile  we  should try  no doubt to  keep our feet on the ground and   focused on   satisfying our customer needs  and requirements

 good luck      and please remember to share  your good news stories