Monday, 25 June 2012

Ayrshire Food Network at Hunterston Magnox

Four members of  AFN were invited to the  Hunterston Magnox site near West Kilbride,recently as part of World Environment  Day  to engage with the staff and   provide them with   information, and an opportunity to taste  flavoursome locally sourced provenanced  food

With a high turn out of staff there was considerable interest   in the flavoursome food  provided by  representatives from Dunlop Dairy-cheeses;Fencebay Fisheries-smoked and fresh seafood;Threepwood  Fayre -hand made confectionery and clootie dumplings;and Petrie Fine Foods- vegetarian and gluten free specialist foods

Information was also made  available about  SAFM accredited  farmers markets in Ayrshire , and the work of the Ayrshire food network generally see Food..

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