Wednesday, 25 July 2012

the Renfrewshire Recruit programme joins up with Paisley farmers' market

The very successful and high profile Renfrewshire Recruit programme  is linking up with the  long established Ayrshire farmers's market  in Paisley County square this Saturday  28th July  09.00-13.00

Two  teams of highly motivated young people   are being given an opportunityto test their trading skills  live at the market !

Whilst their competitive product ranges  are  still a  close guarded secret , the teams  recognise  they will have their work cut out ,and look forward to the challenges ,including  the weather !

The  market manager Howard Wilkinson welcomes warmly their presence,and hopes that with the help of  social media  including Facebook ,Twitter etc ,many new younger  members of the community  will discover and contribute to the market's ongoing vibrancy

Bring it  on !

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