Friday, 17 August 2012

Ayrshire farmers market back in Kilmarnock with quality fresh produce

This  saturday local  produce from 17 producers will be available on the stalls,situated   at the Cross code KA1 1LR .. timing  09.00-13.00

the produce should  include very fresh local vegetables,farmhouse  ice cream,hand made confections,home baking,jams, cheeses from cow and goats milk,non homegenised milk ,vegetarian & gluten free savouries,organic soap,fair trade product ,beef,water buffalo,pork, lamb,veal,venison, black puddings,soups, chocolate,free range egss,chutneys,relishes,chicken,honey,plants & herbs

So  do come down,meet the producers  ,and buy your weekend and next week's food !!thereby  supporting  the local economy

thanks    HTCU


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  2. This’s literally grocery heaven for my mom, LOL. Like, she’s fan of organic vegetables that’re authentic. I mean, if the producers will be at the stalls, I’ll go with her this time. I mean, I’ve got rid of hefty topics, thanks to the best essay editing writing services making sure that no errors are made in my outlines. Leaves me enough time to figure out what’s so special about these stalls.

  3. I love farmers market!!! As a job men in London we used to visit a famers market next to office every Thursday!!! You revived my memories. The coffee, soaps, mushroom pickles were super tempting!!!!! i apply leave one week then i go to visit Logo Design Company