Friday, 24 August 2012

flavoursome fresh local food at Paisley farmers market

 looking for ingredients for those  exciting bank holiday weekend meals?

Try  Paisley farmers market County square  Saturday 25th   09.00-13.00

.....for beef ,lamb ,pork ,venison,veal ,free range chicken , fresh and  smoked fish, seafood & shellfish ,specialist baking,breads and desserts,very fresh vegetables and soft fruit,olives and nuts ,ice cream chocolate and chutneys, venison pies ,black pudding ,bacon,balsamic dressings ,soups ,relishes ,free range hen ,duck and quail eggs ,local honey,gluten free food cakes and savouries .oatcakes,vegetarian haggis ,award winning  cow and goat cheeses,non homogenised milk, organic vegetables ,traditional home baking , marmalades and jams,organic soap and shampoos,hand made confections ,clootie dumplings , savoury biscuits ,flavoured  waxed cheeeses......

we look forward to welcoming you ..come and meet the producers and  enjoy food to go !

tastings available on  several stalls


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