Friday, 19 April 2013

Springtime and #farmers market meet in #Kilmarnock

 It may have been some time coming  but Springtime is arriving in Kilmarnock on Saturday 20th April  to coincide with the   much anticipated   fresh food haven #farmers market  ..location the Cross timing 09.00- 13.00...

Local produce from 20 +  producers expected  on 16 stalls ..come and meet the producers  and find out the stories behind  the  multi award winning food and drink , plus Fair  Trade produce and a leading health  charity.

You will find  sourdough breads,local cow and goats cheeses,  non homogenised milk ,confections , hen duck  or quail eggs   a whole array of  lamb,  beef ,venison  pork , chicken , black pudding,  pies,  home baking,  gluten free foods ,soups, chutneys,relishes ,chocolates , clootie dumplings ,flavoured  waxed cheeses, the freshest vegetables ,CAMRA award winning  micro brewery beers or organic  soap and shampoos .

Add to that enthusiastic,friendly  and knowledgeable  producers  and you have  several good reasons to  try the fresh local quality flavoursome food.. before shopping  or eating   elsewhere in the town...Remember there is free parking  available very close to the market

we look forward to welcoming you in the sunshine. HTCU

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