Friday, 29 November 2013

Busy local food weekend to start the festive season in Paisley & Alloway

This weekend sees  the start of the pre Xmas  season. for  serious food   buying (hopefully ).
#Ayrshire food network members will be out in force  at various   key events   including  the# Paisley #farmers' market   Saturday  30th  at the   Cenotaph  in the high street 10.00-14.00 , and # Burns  Birthplace museum #Alloway  #farmers 'market  in doors   on Sunday December  1st   11.00-15.00.

a very wide range of produce  will be available on Saturday  whilst on Sunday there will be an excellent array of festive produce  including #Petrie #Christmas  puddings, cakes and black bun  , Lime tree Larder chocolates  , selected  house plants , organic  #Caurnie soaps,  Dunlop cheeses  ,#Stark rape seed oil ,#Everything chilli  relishes and the wonderful  freshly  locally roasted #Roundsquare   coffee and beans

Both  markets are  very  much worth a visit  easpecially as the  #Taste  Ayrshire#TORE  hamper boxes  will be available to buy  on either  a DIY  basis  or  complete   with selected  local food items or #Burns  related  items   according  to your budgets

we hope to see you there


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