Friday, 29 November 2013

Taste Ayrshire TORE hampers at European conference

Ayrshire food network food offerings  were on display last week at a  European rural development conference  near  Liege  ..They were  noted and  commented  on  most positively by many  of the  180 delegates from 17 countries

where will they go next ?

The aroma of the  Ayrshire roasted #Roundsquare  coffee beans caused quite a stir ;  so too the #Petrie Fine Foods # Christmas pudding which was presented to the organisors ! We look forward to their feedback   


  1. I usually buy my vegetables, lamb, and bacon from the Ayrshire food network. Believe me, they are so good at keeping up with the customers. This month I was busy searching for essay writing help which is why I didn't get the chance to order something. I received a random text one day, which was the network checking up on me. I was so over-whelmed!!!

  2. Ayrshire Food Network bought the best 20 person tent with 10 rooms and gift them as a reward to the top ten employees of the year. I prayed to get me this reward as I worked hard the whole year so that I could prove myself among those employees who degrade me a lot for not knowing anything about my work.