Thursday, 16 January 2014

3 New Ayrshire food network members - we wish them a very warm welcome

We are  delighted  to welcome 3 new member

#Aye Love Real Food  who  are using  many members'  ingredients in their amazing  Scotch eggs ..viz #Nethergate . pork   and #Corrie   Mains  eggs

#Ayr Micro Brewery with their excellent  range of craft  beers ,several of which are now being used in members product   viz  Porter ale in #Petrie festive puddings   and    ginger cake

#Roundsquare   Coffee Roasters  who are  producing outstanding  specialist coffees which are increasingly becoming available in  member  delis  ,farm shops and  our hampers

fuller information will be available about them on the web site in the very  new  future  


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