Friday, 27 March 2015

the Ayrshire Food Network congratulate Dunlop Dairy for being awarded with PGI status .. see detail

Ann  Dorward  of  Dunlop  Dairy  at West Clerkland Farm , Stewarton has been  awarded   PGI (protected  geographic  indicator ) European status for the Traditional Ayrshire Dunlop  (TAD) which is  made  uniquely  in the  small   adjoining  geographic area ,using non homogenised  milk  from the   small  herd of Ayrshire  cows  .

the specification of the TAD  cheese takes account of  the  micro climate , the terroir  and highly detailed  cheese making  procedures

All credit to Ann  and her team, -- for  a long  awaited ,hard fought  and highly deserved  accreditation

the cheese can be purchased at the farm, though specialist  cheese merchants and at  farmers  markets including Glasgow Partick  on  the second saturday of the month, and at Falkirk  on the first Friday .

Well worth seeking out .. Enjoy !!

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