Friday, 24 June 2016

Congratulations to AFN members for achievements & collaborations in june 2016

 Good news  is all  around us.

 Congratulations to  Susan Crosthwaite  and  everyone whose efforts  helped achieve  a successful  second ballantrae food festival   at which 22 AFN members  attended

Also  to Dawn  Borland  on the 10th   anniversary  of the founding  of the iconic Stewarton  deli

 Grants  of Prestwick  and Pieronis  created history   during June    by winning their  respective  category  of  the Independent Retailer of the Year Awards , for the second year running at the Scottish   national  awards

The   Grant family   also  should get  recognition for    a very fast weekend response  to an  international  aircraft /yacht  enquiry  for fresh produce ...  the  chefs  were very impressed by the    quality of the  produce  and  exemplary customer service.

Bryce  and Amy  Cunningham  at  West   Mossgiel have continued   their success of getting the  Burns related  milk into Dumfries  House  and  Burns   Birthplace  Museum  at  Alloway  as well as  providing   tasters  at several other exciting locations .

The  Rhone  Cottage  initiated   Food  Market   at Dumfries House  has continued to attract  new stallholders  including Fencebay

Several  AFN members are trading   at the Royal Highland   Show  this weekend   including   Aye Love Real Food, Everything  Chilli,    Others  seem to be visiting.!!!

 A successful  business tourism  initiative  has been initiated  jointly  by Glenapp  Castle ; Trump Turnberry; The Whisky Experience   and other  visitor attractions

Roundsquare    have delivered  perhaps  the most northerly  located  top quality  coffee making equipment  to John o'  Groats (that is where the land  stops !)

Corney  &  Barrow Whighams    are conducting  a fascinating  dual tasting  with  Dunlop Dairy   PGI cheeses

We  are also  finding   creative ways  of moving produce   around the region in an environmentally friendly way ...

 Let us  keep  up the  great  work,and good luck with the Golf related  opportunities  during July


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