Friday, 21 October 2016

Golden October brings more AFN success and new members

 Congratulations  to the Ballantrae Food Festival  for winning  the ACCI   food and drink award .. for 2016.  23 AFN  members were involved  back in  June .. so areal group effort  led by Susan Crosthwaite     thanks    also  to .@slowfoodwestscot  for their support and engagement

Also to  Glenapp  Castle for winning  the ACCI  Customer service award..

Thanks and well  done  to other   members who were shortlisted  for  the awards .

October   has seen  Little Turnberry   Farm shop , and  Ayrshire  Hampers   come into  the   Network  ..  a very warm welcome

#West   Mossgeil   is continuing to build   a  very strong  business to business    customer base  both in  Ayrshire  and Glasgow     . certainly  a  real  transformative  story  

7  AFN members  are  contributing to the ongoing development  of the  Ayrshire  strategic  tourism  policy  and programmes  .. thanks for your time  and effort

The Ayrshire   Farmer'   Market cooperative  have initiated   successfully   a new   Sunday   farmers'  market   at Ayr  Central   Shopping   Mall .. another welcome addition  

Several members   are  involved  also  in the learning  journey to Iceland  starting this weekend  looking  at  hospitality  management  performance ; systems; product/ service innovation  and use of social media ..  watch out   for live   video broadcasts ,  Tweets  , Facebook  postings , Instagram images  hopefully .... case  studies   are being  developed   for everyone interested to share

thanks  everyone   for their   support .. good  luck with upcoming  trading period.

ps  please send to the editor   your  interesting   updates and  good  news stories


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