Monday, 12 February 2018

early spring update and good wishes to AFN members and customers

Whilst  there  may still  be  snow   on the ground  with  Snow  drops   blooming ,    AFN  members  are  working hard   to build  new   links , introduce  innovations and  create  good customer   experiences

 Firstly , a very warm welcome to both  the  Home  Cook School  and  The CooShed  at South  Corton farm  as our newest  members..

(see the  Members  &  Gallery  pages   for details  , images  and links..)

Mossgeil continues   to build   their  excellent  non homogenised   milk supply   arrangements and   Networks..

West  Coast   Foods   have introduced   some  very smart  display   technology  in their  premises .

 Grants  of Prestwick  are  mindful of  the  current  date  and  Valentine's  themes  in their retail  areas.. with  a great display 

 Auchengree   have  their first steak  night  of the year  this  week...  do get across to  enjoy the  experience

 Bhaile   artisan   bakery    continue to innovate  with    bakery master   classes  and  pop up art shows

 The Ayrshire  farmers'   market  cooperative  are fully back  into the swing  of their  regular farmers markets, working round the weather!

 The   dates  of the excellent  Ballantrae  Food festival have been   confirmed   as the  9th  /10th of June

 The full  2018 schedule   of the   Dumfries  House   Food    Fairs  has just been confirmed by Rhone  Cottage..

Corrie   Mains   have  been recognised   for their  long   standing   &  ongoing  work  supplying   their  award  winning   free range  eggs to the  educational  /schools sector

 For  all those of our members /associates   building    business  opportunities and  memorable  customer  experiences  around  February    14th   thanks ...Enjoy   and good luck!

Ayrshire  Hampers   and  others  are at the Ayrshire  Food and  Craft event   on the 25th Feb in Fenwick

 NB To  confirm  also  we are now  " amplifying "  Facebook events   of   members   , so please notify us ..

 Also   to   advise   everyone  the Ayrshire  Food Network  will be  present  at  the Scotland   Food  and Drink  regional food group event    next week ...Open feedback  will be provided .

  wishing  everyone   successful    early   Spring  trading