Thursday, 19 September 2019

Ayrshire September sunshine & weekend festivities bring authentic local food and drink into focus

   Last   weekend    several  AFN   members were providing  excellent food and drink    at the Stranraer Oyster  festival , including #ADRattray;# Everything  Chilli; #Cedar Country Foods  whilst   a food demonstrations  was   given  by  #DavidAlexander from #Glenapp

 An estimated 17000  visitors  enjoyed the   exciting   festival   ....  certainly   a  excellent  showcase  for  south  west Scotland

#Glenapp Castle have   released  very recently  their latest  video    featuring   the amazing   #SeaSafari   experience

 Other   good news  includes  #LittleTurnberry  being awarded #Biosphere  certified  producer     status .warmest congratulations

#GCGrowers    is running     aan innovative     vegetable    education scheme,    and  the #TheHomeCookSchool   is expanding  their  community  cooking    initiatives

#AyrshireHampers has opened  in the last  two weeks  their   innovative    new  venue  and offerings   at #Kilmarnock  Railway  station.  including  having  produce   from #ThreepwoodFayre    and #BallochmyleFineCheese

 All   three  are   heading   for  #Newmilns  food  festival  this saturday 21st  september   along   with 50 other producers /providers and hosts   including  #Ayrshirefoodfromayrshirefolk;#Everythingchilli ;#rhonecottage ;#limetreelarder;#scotchandco;#mossgeil;#cedarcountyfoods

 It is going to be   a very  busy  weekend especially with  the #AyrGoldCup  horse race  meeting     bringing many visitors  to the area.

 Hopefully#DunlopDairy  will  benefit  from the hospitality  offerings,  and #Bhailebakery   will  see  increased  visitors  in their 4 outlets  aswell as  greater product usage   for #ramstanesfarm &#CorrieMains as partners,  #WAEgrant   meeting  vegetable   and fruit demand ,  and the #Ayrshire farmersmarket in #kilmarnock   plus  #Pieronis  & #Fencebay  with  their  exciting  wide ranges of seafood ;  The  attractive #Thelairdstable  in #Fenwick  now  has  their  innovative   high walkway  as an additional attraction

looking into October    good luck  to #Woodysicecream  in their  #ACCI   business awards quest  whilst  on the  24th   september #CorneyandBarrow hold  their themed dinner   at #Mcfarlanes

For our     members  such as #TheCooshed  and #Auchengree  farm shop  plus  associates   at #ABBA , providing  hospitality     and accommodation  may you have  a very productive & busy  weekend in the sunshine. Our  exclusive   use   venues   at#Hillhouse    and #EnochLodge  will  without  doubt  be  providing   exemplary   service  to  their   discerning   clients ...also the  exceptional  Michelin Star  restaurant  #Braidwoods

wishing  all   visitors    to #Ayrshire   a very   warm  and  authentic  welcome


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