Thursday, 27 February 2020

Leap Year #BestofAyrshire Launch at @CloncairdCastle 29th February

  A unique   event  involving  #Collaboration  & #Partnership   within #Ayrshire .

. As  a member  of  the #AyrshireFoodNetwork  @CloncairdCastle  have  invited  8    members to be involved   in their #honestyboxscheme  being utilized  for the  self catering guests  in their  newly  refurbished  cottages

The AFN members involved include  principally #AyrshireMarketFresh  with   their  customised food selection  delivery   boxes  centred   on the freshest  of vegetables... also #littleturnberry  eggs ; #Dunlopdairy cheeses ;#Limetreelarder  chocolates, chutneys & ice cream ; #Mossgeil   organic milk  in glass  bottles;#Ballochmyle fine   cheese ;#Caldwellvegetables; & #Pieronis seafoodand fish merchants.

Much   inspiration  comes  from @Slowfood and the   #Arkoftaste

Other   AFN  members  have  or   are likely  to be  involved also , along with  circa   20   other    artisan  & craft   producers , and organisations...

 The   unique   ticketed  event  opening the castle and stunning   atrium   to the public   for the very first time is  being held    on saturday   29th   Feb between  10.00  and 18.00  .. tickets are   available    via  the  web site  and Eventbrite  and priced   at £10 .

  We hope to see  you there ..  please   come with your   friends and family   and   try, taste and buy these  exceptional   local  food    products  in an  exciting     setting   and environment

There  is so much more to   experience , and enjoy .@Cloncairdcastle ...,An  ideal way  to celebrate   a #Leapyear