Sunday, 5 April 2020

#local food provision in Ayrshire during #Covid crisis updated 26th April

 hi  everyone ,

Five weeks  into the  domestic   lock  down, we would like to thank everyone for their continuing  support    and patience

 Simply  put, the #Ayrshirefoodnetwork   members  undertake  two  categories    of  activity       ..  food and drink  production;   and  food and drink  provision......some members  covered  both  viz farms with   restaurants,tea rooms etc

Government   regulations , the  national   medical   emergency, and personal safety considerations    have meant  many businesses have had to close, chosen to mothball   or curtail  in house  food provision,whilst   a minority    have been able to  ramp up   cooked food deliveries

Within  the food   producer  group, many    have    attempted  to    increase production to meet unprecedented  consumer demand ,whist at the same time switch away temporarily   from the downturn in food service / hospitality   demand ..... no mean   challenge

 Also by collaborating  with one another , they have been   willing  and in part   able    to   make  sustainable  levels of home deliveries  of   mixed selections  of  local  food, which are   in very   great demand , given the stay inside  guidance / instructions  and local   economic support  objective.

We have   fielded  many enquiries   as to what  is available  where  & when .....  as you can imagine    it is very fast moving   and   booking  /provision  availability changes  literally   from hour to hour  , or  even more frequently ..

There are  some  very effective  Facebook groups  in  particular  #Ayrshire food deliveries , Takeways,Supermarkets   who are acting   as person to person information hubs ....definitely     worth   following , in order to    check out  what may be  available  where  you or your   relatives  live

The   food producers   are   practicising    very   effetive  switch on /  switch off  ordering techniques  to  try  and manage demand against  their supply  and logistical capabilities  which in many instances are    very much  stretched   "  beyond  the normal  limit "  please bear with   them   and   be flexible

 We hope   that we  will   all come   through  is .......   but  when that happens  please continue to  support   local food  producers and  providers   and help them rebuild   their  regular  or revamped     businesses

If you have  a  specific    question  please send it in   via the " contact  us"  enquiry  box ...we will do our  best  to provide  guidance   if  we can

 meanwhile   stay  at home  and  continue  to stay safe


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