Friday, 18 September 2020

Ayrshire Food Network funding support from Scotland Food & Drink Regional Group Scheme

  The  Ayrshire Food Network    are  delighted to   confirm  today 18th  September  2020  that   we  have     been awarded  funding  from Scotland  Food and  Drink to  drive  foward the  local food  and tourism   agenda  in  Scotland .. and in  our  associated  region

 We are one  of  14  groups in  the country  to  receive  this support  which includes  match funding  from local authorities...

 see -food-groups/

  for  more details

 It  has   anabled   us   to   appoint  a Coordinator  who  will  be Sheena Horner    from  Food  From  Farming .. she  brings    a wealth  of experience     relating   to   rural  collaborations,  agri  tourism and social   media  , and has been  working with  several of our  members , individually , for  some time.

 More  detailed   information  relating   to   our  intended  programmes  and  regional  initiatives  will   be   announced  next week 

 thanks   for  your  support